mercredi, septembre 08, 2004

To Pity or Not To Pity...

The images of him are still fresh and clear...


I was having a drink with dad this evening at our regular place when an African guy ('gagak' as we call them) with a medium-sized sling bag and a handful of belts, approached a group of workers of the restaurant and started to show them things he's selling. It was a very rare sighting indeed-- having to see one of them selling stuff in MY housing area, which can still be considered as a 'Middle of Nowhere'.

I didn't bother to watch as I had my back facing them. Only when dad said "Kesian orang tu." I started to turn my head. They were like trying everything he had in the bag, from the fishing hat to the sunglasses. It was a heartbreaking sight to watch those pathetic people yang tak sedar diri mereka sebenarnya yang takda dignity, bullying him. He just allowed them to do that, as the only thing he has in mind is to sell as many things as possible.

When the monkeys were done (trust me, they are the most shallow-minded, hideous looking creatures in the whole universe!), dad called him to our table. A decent type. A bit plump but it's a normal figure for a black. Possesses an innocent, pitiful, always-kena-buli type of face that will make those makciks go all kesian (no kidding! That look has successfully made me kesian too! Seriously!), and on top of all, he is able to converse in BM: an indication that he has lived here long enough to understand most of the words we say.

Dad asked for wallets and then lighters when none of the designs are attractive. Basically, he puts 25 ringgit as the starting price for everything but it is too ridiculous to get a plain, no-brand fishing hat under that price. I can get that in less than 10 ringgit, or perhaps under 5! Having a fascination with odd things, dad bought a lighter that will have flashing LEDs upon flipping the cover for 15 ringgit and later another one; the one that I kinda like from the beginning, for an additional 10 ringgit.

He then walked to the nearby workshop... and I had my eyes fixed on him and watched him till he disappeared, while wondering about his journey home to Selayang. Yep, from Selayang to Balakong...

Is this what he does everyday?

How much does he gain per day?

Is he like any other typical gagak who can be a taiko at times?

Boleh survive ke buat marketing macam ni? (Obviously he can! Why do you think he is still in this country?)

I need to give Zaki a wake-up call, get the CPU from him, study French for the 3 o'clock test and meet Anim for some catching-up later in the evening.
*Never forget to give him the wake-up call. Otherwise I'm just as good as a dead meat!*

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