mardi, septembre 07, 2004

Hello Kanak-kanak Sekalian!

Schoolwork is piling up and I'm not going to touch about that.

It's been a nice weekend, with a hectic, no-rest Saturday from Nilai 3 to Souq, to going to a small doa selamat-cum-weekly lunch session and to KLIA on the next day itself. So many things to write about but the itch to have them here just wasn't there. My younger sister's face is a wreck (okay, maybe 'wreck' is a bit too strong but I must say the 'injury' is going to leave a scar as big as the pinkie, once dried.). Apparently, the whole inhabitants of the room were being bitten by a Charlie. No... this Charlie isn't capable of leaving hickies. This Charlie is more powerful than the Hickies Charlie. It bites and its body fluid is acidic enough to burn the skin... that's what she claimed lah. Probably some virgin, suburb bug, having 'an experience' with the virgin, urban girl's...... SKIN! (damn you guys are dirty minded!).

I'm not sure whether to consider this as my 'extraordinary-that-is-not-so-extraordinary' 6th sense. It has happened a few times before and it happened again today. You see, during yesterday or a maybe few days back, I had this sudden thought about this friend of mine. Just a slight brush of thought of her. And later today, while looking for something edible at the food court of MV, I saw her with another friend. Didn't tell her about what I experienced as we had so much catching up to do.

I must admit that it's great to have this 'sudden instinct'. It's telling me in a way that I can expect the person I am going to bump into or perhaps whose number is going to appear on my caller display.

And I don't see any high-speed image at this moment...

All I can see is the bed....

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