vendredi, septembre 10, 2004

It's Friday Again!!!! Yaaaaaaayyyy!!!

Is told me yesterday that she likes Thursday. I was a tad too slow to figure out what she actually meant and my first guess was that maybe she has a date coming up later that night. Only then I realized that Thursday is our final day of the week in the sense of going to classes. *throws the Cheshire Cat grin*. Oh, if that's so, I love Thursday too!

Everything in the to-do list was being executed as planned, except for the last one. Apparently Anim had a flat tyre and nak dijadikan cerita, the spare tyre faced the same fate. Being stuck at 14, I can hardly recall any tyre shop around that area. No idea what happened to her next. Nevermind of that. Smek was there with her. Moral of the story is... DO NOT ABANDON YOUR SPARE TYRE. DO CHECK ITS CONDITION AND AIR PRESSURE ONCE IN A WHILE.

Went to MV instead, together with Wanie and Is. Had lunch-cum-dinner of nasi ayam (2nd time in a week) at the toppest floor. Hitting MPH later, I looked out for the latest installation of Anita Blake. Nowhere in sight. Thinking about Later perhaps. Walked to the True Accounts section for any interesting crime book. Nothing much available that suits my appetite. Of all the books available in that section, I managed to find only 3: Forensic, Forensic for Dummy and Forensic- Casebook of Crime. Grabbed the latter one as I only had 3 10 and 1 ringgit notes, just the right amount. It suddenly reminded me of a book I saw a couple of years ago at the DBP sale in UM. A red-covered thick book of forensic with pictures. Just what has gotten into me?! Why did I just walk away instead of bringing that damn book to the counter?! Adoih...

... and from that book too, I come to learn about the penis shape of the people who practice anal sex. :)

When I'm done with them, there will be another hunt. This time, it's going to be of any (interesting) supernatural printed matter.

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