jeudi, septembre 02, 2004

Some Things Are Better Off In Points

Disclaimer: Everything down here was generated from my rickety, unstable emotion of which some are fictional. Pardon me for that. I'm just having the Time of My Life.......... hah?

#1: I'm emotionally wrecked... at the moment. Don't ask why because with me, there's no such thing as 'There must be a solid reason behind that.'

#2: A rotten Thursday evening.

#3: Fickle-minded is at its best.

#4: Suspicion is healthy. It keeps you alive.... but sanely insane. <---------- Anita must have forgotten to add that part.

#5: Remind me to have 5 children when I'm old. When two decide to become useless, I'll have another 3. Merry me.

#6: A wee misunderstanding between me and dad: Part of me said that it's the right thing to say but the other just didn't agree.

#7: Ignorance is bliss. I second, third, fourth, fifth to that. Those who still think it is a ridiculous statement; do re-think.

I'm done for now. Hopefully the idiot box will lighten up my mood... *sigh*

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