mardi, août 31, 2004


Venue: MSN
Time: 8 pm
Contact: A not-so long lost friend.

Friend: Apa cerita?

Me: Takda benda baru, same o same o.

Friend: Bila kau grad?

Me: Next year insyaallah.

Friend: So, what else is new? Takkan takda langsung?

(and now can sense the 64k question coming up next...)

Friend: Who are you seeing now?

Me: Herm, siapa kau nak? Ada banyak dalam list ni. ;)

(hopefully she won't go deeper)

Friend: Wah! Pandai mengayat ye kau!

(and she didn't get my joke...)

Me: Hahahaha! Banyak la ayat kau. Aku la orang yang paling bodoh dalam bab ayat-ayat ni. Afterall, itu kan kerja orang laki-laki.

Friend: Dah tu yang kau cakap banyak dalam list tu?

Me: Adoih, aku main-main je lah!

That's what I'll be asked about each time a long lost friend bump into me or see me online (I can't help myself either!)-- to get a hold of my relationship fairytaIL (if there's any). That will be amongst the first few answers that will spurt out of their mouth apart from what I'm up to at the moment. And I came to discover that she already broke up with her pre-matriculation-years boyfriend of 4 years... after an interrogation (peh!). And she thought that I would go "REALLY? BILA???". Truth is, I wasn't surprized. Breaking-up stories are the least of my care.


Venue: Y!M
Time: 11.30 pm
Contact: Someone who keeps on telling me that I look like one of the Sharifah Sisters.

Friend2: When do you think our interview will appear?

Me: Entah. I guess we have to check now and then dekat I've never been on tv before but I know I'm not going to like it la.

Friend2: I think you did well. You were like a veteran. Ada tokoh buat mass comm.

Me: Hahaha!

Friend2: Apasal you tak amik humanities? You seem more art than tech to me.

Me: That's what I told you just now... late discovery. Dah tengah-tengah buat wrong degree baru discover the thing that I'm really into apart from Bio.

Just how many times have I been mentioning about my Wrong Degree in my blog so far? Quite a few times already right?

Damn! This foolish Adrea girl is soo fucking poyo and... eugh!!! (watch CTV to know)

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Anonyme a dit…

WHY eh,nasib kita lebih kurang sama bila jumpa kawan lama.mesti soklan streotype tu yang kuar.."dah ada bf?" duh,kalau cakap ada..tak percaya,kalau cakap tak ade lagilah tak percaya..camne tuh? hehe..

[ zuril ]

i hate stupid smart aleck a dit…

hentahlah. memang susah nak convince diaorg if kita still single. the best thing is, just tell em the truth and kalau diaorg still tak percaya, just jawap "taknak percaya sudah...". im not sure if the q's would be the same when it is between guys but i guess budak perempuan ni kan a bit excited sikit benda2 pasal relationship lah, in a way nak buat comparison bf2 diaorang...kalau the friend's bf is not that good looking, akan ada rasa bangga la sikit sbb bf dia is better in that sense... macam macam....heh!

i hate stupid smart aleck a dit…

correction: "That will be amongst the first few ANSWERS that will spurt out of their mouth apart from what I'm up to at the moment." should have been QUESTIONS.