mercredi, septembre 22, 2004

Damn You Girl...

... and that was me cursing to myself. Deadline will be next week and I need miracle. I don't know where do they go and I keep on having false hope whenever the email notification window pops out. I swear I will not pursue my masters in what I'm having for degree now. Never! I've had enough of technology and seems like I've found a new passion. Oh well!

Dad is leaving for Indonesia early tomorrow morning. My Kelisa will be discharged from the ICU by the end of this week. What took them so long?! At the mean time, car-pooling is what I do and for the first time ever, I will get my chance to drive dad's car to school. It is going to be cool. Very cool!!

I am fully booked on Saturday. Ade seorang budak ni nak suruh aku bawak ke Masjid India. Eh, 200 ko tu S$ ke atau RM?

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