lundi, septembre 20, 2004

That Spells D-I-S-A-S-T-R-O-U-S!

I almost had this evil plan of having myself absent for the presentation. Revolution is too much to cover! I still can bear studying the whole syllabus of Sejarah Form 5 but French Revolution was one hell of a... revolution! An hour before 4, I've made up my mind of using the short, 7-pages analysis as the main document... to present (to READ to be exact). My so-called angan-angan: to carry out the best presentation ever; hanya tinggal angan-angan. The starting was terribly bumpy! Talking about 'potholes that are big enough to send you flying off the road'. I was like a retarded girl with speech difficulties. All the points and facts were 'scattered' everywhere. And for that, I want to award myself with a very nice kick. Lain kali buatlah kerja last minute yah?!!! Hermph!

It's over. Unsurprisingly, I received a 'Good' and a 'Very good. An interesting topic indeed.' Duh! A false compliment is the last thing I want to hear, sir. Whatever it is, I am done. One down and two to go. The E-Commerce presentation is up next. Least of my worries as I'm not going to give the talk. Perhaps only during the QnA session. Thesis is out of the topic for today. Sleep is all I can see now. Eyes= 3/4 shut.

Have a nice Tuesday!

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