samedi, août 28, 2004

Okay! I've Had Enough... For Now.

Pardon me for having such an unstable emotion. Perhaps it's because of the 'human-to-human communication' overdose, which has reached its peak with the first nenong nenong warning alarm that forced me to back off. If it is to shout for the second time, I will have to perform a drastic withdrawal and build a nice, light blue cushiony cocoon surrounding me. They said that light blue could make you sleep soundly. It's the color effect thingy... My light blue cover is heading its way to the washing machine and I got this bright yellow sheet as replacement. Oh well, I can make use of anything available. After all, any color will make no significant difference once I drift into the REM phase. Hopefully, no blue cocoon involved by next week or the week after or the week week after...

There is a possibility that I might just cancel everything I plan for the weekend. The wedding... the weekly lunch... the PC... and indulge myself in a nice, endless... err... sleep. Fact: Study shown that Malaysian favorite pastime is... SLEEPING, and I am a Malaysian. :P

You know what I've just added in my Dreams List? "A kiss that would make me cry". That Queer Eye episode just now-- it is too depressing! Now where is my Charming with his noble stee...L?!!! Mana dia???!!! Manaaaa???

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dahvid a dit…

ya know, i just read an article entitled "too much sleep kills" ..:P don't really know how true that is.. me wondering: most malaysians tend to have 'unhealty' hobbies..hehe..namely 'eating' and 'sleeping' (supposing if the 'too much sleep kills' argument is correct :P).