jeudi, août 26, 2004

On Temporary Hiatus???

Naaw. It's the mood that decided to play hide and seek, thus making it a bit impossible to lay my fingers on the keyboard and crack up my head to construct lines and lines of sentences. Yeah Rick, yesterday was Wednesday and today is Thursday. Sit still! I'm working on my entry now.

French is tough, way tougher than I thought. If only the structure is as similar as English, my life would have been easier. So much for being unique Froggies! Hermph! As for Revolution, it will take me ages to complete half of the book. Old English is too complicated of stylistic! Oh craps!

If I don't fight the urge to sleep each time I hit Vista, it's going to develop into a new, unhealthy (very "unhealthy") habit... tsk! tsk! tsk! I wish the semester would end ASAP. Since I'm practicing car-pooling at the moment, I will have to find something or ANYTHING to do in order to occupy the empty 4 to 6 pm slot. Library? Will go if they have comfy chairs, i.e bouncy sofas. Get real! I will never enter the library unless it's the study weeks. Tutorials? Define tutorials. Heh heh heh! I've already found a spot- CBTL. If you see a girl glued to a couch with a book in hand, it's probably me. ;)

Lets face it kAy! You will never be able to wear moisturizers and face crème! Put them on if you want to have greasy face at the end of the day! With sebum factory that produces oil more than the average amount kilang Minyak Seri Murni produces per day, grease-free face is just another fairytale for my children. I've found a perfect solution for that- the RM100++, <50 ml lotion of Clinique's Pore Minimizer. Does miracle to my skin but not to my pocket! Nanti-nantilah...

(p/s: G, the brand that I used was Power Patch. Saw it at the same place where PCKs' pads are.)

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