vendredi, août 27, 2004

End-of-Weekday Wrap-Up

Hi. I am a Malay. I live in a neighborhood where most of the dwellers are Malays. Our house is a bit popular as the porch contains an '84 red Cressida... with real tanduk seladang glued to the front bonnet. And no... I'm not kidding and again no, I'm here not to talk about the car and the tanduk.

I see the attitude and hear the stories about my Malay neighbors; both the pretty and horrendous sides of them that make me cringe unfailingly. Orthodoxy is what they are born with and such mindset is highly unacceptable for someone who is of the new age. Hopefully it doesn't run in the family though I doubt it will go *poof* just like that. Why can't they just mind their own business instead of being nosy? Answer: Those makciks just can't help it! Go ask yourself this question: Why do you think gossiping and 'kutuk'ing is fun? Answer: 'Thoughts are meant to be projected. Therefore, why bottle it up when releasing is relieving?'.

So you are a girl and you have a lot of guy friends. Rule has it that should you want to go out at night, you must have a guy to accompany you for safety (and that means picking you up). Cool then. The law is acceptable enough. Then suddenly the Rule Maker starts to question about that particular regulation. And the main subject of the sentence is none other than 'neighbor'. "Takut jiran cakap belakang." Oh great! Worrying more about the damn jirans when the thing you do doesn't have the involvement of any unlawful conducts. It's ALL about what the neighbors will say. Man, that really pisses me off... BIG TIME. First of all, what's wrong with going out with those of the opposite sex? Rats, I've totally forgotten about one thing... one main thing that I shouldn't have left out at the first place- Girls that have more than one guys showing up in front of her door (at different time of course) are considered 'cheap', rendah harga diri , gatal, playgirl and some other relevant words (That certainly won't happen if you are born with balls. You know what I mean by that.). And the first image to hit their hazelnut-sized brain will be the parents. "Mak dengan bapak dia tak cakap apa-apa ke?" or "Apa punya parents la tu. Anak bawak different laki-laki balik rumah, diaorang buat dono je." (And mind you, this is not the case where the parents are absent.).

It’s heartbreaking to think about this type of neighbor. Mine is not that bad. They are still minding their own bloody business though sometimes I have the feelings that they get sidetracked. As long as I don't hear nasty words about my family, I'm cool.

Good heavens! Bila lah korang semua nak berubah?!!!

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