lundi, août 23, 2004

...When I Am Bored...

I must say Brah-vow to the new navigation bar. Au revoir to the annoying banner.

... it's *sigh* Monday again and I am already longing for Friday to arrive. Was supposed to see Zaki regarding the RH but I guess the plan has to be carried forward to next Saturday. Afterall, I'm going to drop by for The Big Durian at the Theatrette.

I probably never wrote about this before and it feels weird as I am about to make a confession that I just finished crying... for no apparent reason. No! No! and NO! It wasn't because of something bad. It's only the sudden silly idea of 'Hey-Lets-Cry-Now!'. So just now, I took the position in front of the mirror so that I could see a clear view of myself and how my face was going to look like when I cry, and when everything was set, I initiated a scene. And my scene was The Emotion Of Losing Someone (in the sense of Death). Hell I can surely win the next Best New Actress Award!

Damn it's Monday!

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