lundi, août 09, 2004

Of Madly In Love and Happily Out Of Love

...the second entry of the day... I am so very the takda kerja one!

The mid semester break is back! That means I'm halfway through of completing this semester, which also in a way, tells me that I have a couple of months left to get my bloody ass works on the thesis. One word: Fuck. I've been online since 9.45 am, after being disturbed by the (loud) buzzing sound of my cell. Was planning to drive out to buy kuih keria for breakfast when I remembered that I am car-*hic*-less. Nah, I'll skip breakfast.

With Luther Vandross on the background, I surfed all the listed and unlisted blogs I felt like hitting, commented when necessary and sometimes read their backdated entries. Love must've been the topic of the weekend I guess when quite a few of them had it on their latest posts. In and out of love... that's what.

Love had touched me. Love had left me with fingerprints that even Clorox can't handle. I survived and learnt more and more each time. I don't produce enough pheromone to attract the opposite sex and that explains the amount of guys I involved with since the day I was born. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to discover that. I am very well aware of the cause, thank you.

I learnt about them along the way, both directly and indirectly, of which I come in touch with their ugly sides. Egotistic, cheapskates, insensitive, takut commitment (like I asked you to marry me!), unsure and some others are what my guys (and most guys) are made of. But having to deal with the unexpected is what a relationship is all about. A semi-egocentric girl myself, I slowly learn how to tolerate.

I am very much independent and that is a bit disturbing. It�s horrifying to think about my situation at 30, where I still don�t date. I am very cool with it but I doubt mom is. To her, 27 is considered as �anak dara tua�. We�re talking about 2004 Ma, not 1970�s or 1980�s�

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