mercredi, août 11, 2004

The B3210 and The B3211

A surprize that was as pleasant as it could be.

Bumped into an old roommate back in the Hell of Earth and later, the rest. A complete reunion without two 'Roommate Kesayangan'-- the bad apples. They are still the same ol' talkative, gila bergambar girls whom I started to hang out with since the day I decided to ditch the other group... for good. No arguments involved. I just walked away...

We did what 'long lost' people always do. To update and being updated with the hot and hap'nin over expensive lunch (you can't argue when it's in KLCC) and while walking (walked in pairs and switched partners as if being programmed.). It's fun being with them.

And it cost me 8 ringgit... EIGHT BLOODY RINGGIT to get home from the commuter station. Add another 2 bucks and I can get 2 trips to and from KLCC. Bloody blood sucker!

... the dentist said I only have to go for checkup only once a year.

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