lundi, août 09, 2004

kAy Survived An Accident (Title Courtesy of Aznim)

Yup, the title explains everything. nobody was hurt, not even a single scratch. And there's no involvement of other car(s). The divider was also left unhurt and not even dented. Hail the Malaysian steel! But condolence goes to my beloved car..:( You guys would never believe what has actually happened to the car. One hell of an accident lah!

For the first time ever, I got the chance to drive outstation to Kuala Pilah. Was a bit excited with a pinch of paranoia at the same time. Can't ignore the phobia I'll feel each time traveling outside the state, and this one was also unexceptional. The What Ifs are just unavoidable. So, I can't say that it's one kind of premonition. The first round went smoothly. Alhamdulillah we arrived safely and had our nasi minyak right after. Watched the arrival of pengantin lelaki as well as lepaking at Pak Teh's house for a while before hitting the road again. With a silent Bismillah I started my journey but this time, instead of having to go through Seremban toll, I used the route to Senawang (which is WAY shorter than Seremban's.).

I was steadily doing 100-110 at the Seremban-KL way when I felt the car started to slightly skid. *Jangan panik oi!* In no time, I released the throttle, locked my grip on the steering with the fullest control and gave the brake pedal a quick press; just enough to slow down the car. Everything happened in a split millisecond (duh! like there is such thing as 'slow-mo accident'!). The metal divider was the only thing I rely on for support before the car finally stopped. During that very moment too, I saw the right front wheel having its way ahead of me. Oh by the way, it's not merely the tyre I'm talking about. It's the ARM of the tyre... altogether with the tyre as well lah. The arm must have come out of the socket during the time I touched the divider. Telanggar palang I think. Miraculously, the tyre itself was unhurt. It's the rear that was injured. Gone case. And to add more, it's a new one... but of a cheaper price than the other 3 (refer to the 'rock incident'. Moral: Jangan kedekut nak beli tayar mahal with quality!)

It must have been the luck as the accident took place right at the spot where the highway patrollers were (but they were on the the opposite direction). Most of all, the luck of not having any other vehicle behind me when the accident took place... and no thanks; I won't allow my imagination to have the honor.

I was shaky after the accident, no doubt; but I didn't let it control me. Nonetheless, my mood was rotten for the rest of the day. It's amazing how fast the tow truck taukes appeared. Within 15 minutes, there were around 4 people trying to talk me into using their services. Sorry mate but I only deal with the 'authorized and certified' party.

Post-accident... That night, I hit the bed at 9.30 but set the alarm for 11, with the plan of catching Queer Eyes. Funny as I didn't remember hearing the sound of any alarm. I was physically, mentally and emotionally tired and I wanted to have the time on my own...
Went to the police station this morning to lodge a report. It was made under mom�s name and I ended up typing the report after the officer suddenly handed over the keyboard to me. I must reward him with brownie points! (with the typing skill and the amount of people waiting outside, it�s better to find a way to minimize the time taken)

To tell you the truth, I'm pretty proud of myself with the way I dealt with my very first accident but I don�t think the rest of the passengers think the same way. They are still traumatized I guess or still recuperating. Only that the expired road tax je yang buat aku terkejut. Almost 20 days of driving without a valid tax... wicked! Despite the incident, aku still tak akan reject any future offer untuk menyuruh aku drive jauh... ;P

... an accident to wrap up my first year of full license and maybe a month of no-Kelisa... Malaysia memang meriah!

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