lundi, août 02, 2004

The Net And My Love Life...

I can't stop grinning whenever my mind drifts back to the memories of my Gila Internet era. Believe it or not, the only time mom decided to install the dial-up was after I was done with SPM in 1999. Before that miracle happened, I would walk for a few kilometers to the nearest cybercafe (THE ONE AND ONLY that ever exist in the neighborhood.) for my weekly doses. My only aim-- the chatroom. During that time, Yahoo! chatrooms were the only place I hit. MIRC was still a total stranger to me.

This may sound pathetic (VERY in fact) but all that I had in mind at that time was to have a 'boyfriend'. Cyberboyfriend pun jadilah. Being a naive yet careful girl at the same time, I didn't think much of anything else. My selection of rooms? The international ones. *Mana tau, untung-untung dapat yang hensem*. Imagine blondie blue eyes cuties... Aaah... life has never been so beautiful! Unfortunately, I didn't get hooked up with any of them. The whole thing was all about "Hey girl, I'm horny. Lets get naughty." Typical Mat Salleh... *rolls her eyes*.

The world was a brighter place when my request was eventually granted. I now can surf the net (puh! SURF? Surf what? National Geographic site? Blergh~) from the comfort of my room. This is when the MIRC Mania started. I can still remember the first room I hit-- Teenzone of DALnet. Again, it's an international room. The goal was still of the previous one. Talked to many sorts of people-- The Pervasses, The Braggers, The Sweet Talkers, The Typicals... just name it! After a few months, I made a few regulars of which some of them are still in my messenger list. One of them is a guy from The Phils. A software developer at the early age of 20's. He must have been abducted by aliens before this I guess. From Linux to PHP... he's the Guru! It must be really tough being him... tsk tsk tsk... But thank God he's not emotionally programmed. Otherwise, I won't even think of keeping in touch with him! Used to be in Malaysia for half a year but thanks to the regulations of KMM, I didn't get any chance to meet him. We do talk and sometimes he would give me a call. Yeah, I did have a crush on him... just a plain crush lah.

Apart from him, I used to regularly have a chat with a guy from Southern India. We would have a weekly update on our activities and talk about almost anything. Talking to him is fun, mostly because he's a 'gentleman'. He would tell me about his salsa classes, the girls and stuffs. Wallahualam la if they were all made up but all I know is that I enjoyed the chats. No crush involved. Lost him when DALnet was temporarily closed. It took quite a while before it's fully recovered. By then, everyone was either shifted to other servers or quitted. A bit sayang to lose him. I still keep the birthday card he sent me. :(

.... to be continued. Up next, kAy's first involvement with the local guys... ;D

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