mardi, août 03, 2004

kAy's Cyber Relationships Unveiled� Part 2 of 3.

Oh yeah, it just hit me that I�ve left out 2 others. My two REAL cyberbfs. Macam mana boleh terlepas ni? Crushes first and BFs later? I've sidetracked!

(NB: Bare in mind that everything I wrote about my cyberbf's must be treated as ASSUMPTIONS. There's NO WAY for me to know precisely what they did 'behind my back' and all the cocks and bulls they fed me. So, kindly include '...kata dia lah' in any suitable sentence. Thank you.)

My first one was from Indonesia. I have totally forgotten his name but I do remember the nick 'Benimaru Naikindo' or something like that. Wait a minute, it IS exactly that one! He's a year or two older than I am and on what he claimed, his dad owned a biscuit factory (though I prefer more of Willy Wonka's.) and studying in Universitas (university) Surabaya. The rest of him was merely a vague memory... We would meet every weekend and sometimes during weekdays. We broke off after a couple of months. Reason: He lied to me about his picture! He wasn't the guy on the first picture (which was 10 times cuter than the latter one he sent. Yeah, the second guy WAS him...). How does he look like? Not that horrendous but No Comment! We stopped communicating right after, but after a year or so, I came across his email addy in my address book. Checked whether the address was still valid and surprise, surprise! I received a reply! I stopped right there.

Later came Louie. He's from Canada but a Greek. Runs an inn at Halifax, Nova Scotia. I must say he's a lurus bendul type. He was 26 when I 'met' him. Four years berlalu and we're still talking, though not as frequent as we used to. I can't recall the reason of the break-up but one thing for sure, it was in a good way lah. He is a sweetie. I wrote him letters and DIY cards (the time when my creativity was at its highest) but there was never a reply. Tapi dia kata ada balas... siap ada enclosed candies lagi. But then, no need to eat his words... During the period of us being bf-gf, he would send me messages to my mobile through It's something like You can imagine the joy upon hearing the 'beep beep' sound. Senyum sampai telinga gitu! College break was the most awaited moment. The only time when I could 'meet' him. We even had Our Song. *started to blush*. After the break-up he 'met' a new girl named Angie. Engaged but not married yet as she wants to complete her diploma. Still going strong the last time I checked... I think so lah. (So very excited when Greece won the EURO.)

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