jeudi, juillet 29, 2004

kAy Had A Facial!


Okay, lets face it! I am no longer the nocturnal creature I used to be. Blame the morning classes and the fear of not having enough beauty sleep. I am a sleepyhead and that bothers me. It�s something that I teach the brain to do�MUST HAVE ENOUGH SLEEP! and ALL INCOMPLETE SESSIONS MUST BE QADA�ed as well as 12 AM: HIT THE BED! And now, I find it hard to even extend my conscious time to 1 AM. By that time, I will either have teary eyes or in a serious case of disoriented mind. And everything that I plan to do will be plain history�

Monday� The first thing I did after resigning from the Zzz department� logon to GSC�s site, checking for the showtime of Berlari Ke Langit. The only show for the day was at 11.40 am. I refuse to hit the lab again and I doubt I�ll ever go there this entire week. The hell with Rosli. That also means caf� will be temporarily in my watch-out list of places to be at. Pathetic I must admit but at least, it�s way better than being approached with a list of questions. I�m relying on Is now. Hopefully her machine won�t fail us.

I thought I was in the wrong room, not until I heard voices somewhere behind me. �Oh, I�m not alone rupanya.� To Zuril, I don�t regret paying 6 bucks for the movie. I like it very much, despite the horrendous dubbing and the there-is-still-room-for-improvement special effect (the rough sea during the storm). In fact, I do remember the parts you mentioned in your post: �Adik tak boleh ikut abang dah� and the dialogue between Yasmin and Indra. I like the way she plays with words especially during the �confrontation� with Bukhari and the best part is when she asked him to smile. I find it fascinating. I like her character. Soft, gentle and smart. The movie is nice and if I didn�t control my macho, I will walk out of the cinema with red eyes. I�ll make sure that nobody is around when I have the vcd on! A few people actually popped out �Hingga Hujung Nyawa?� when I told them I was going to the movie. Fellas, not that I am being skeptical but with Erra and Yusri in the film as well as the director himself, there is likely for you to get another dose of the stereotype Malay romance movie. Nevermind, I can still catch it during Hari Raya. ;) Berlari Ke Langit: 3 � out of 5.

Tuesday� Went to Telawi to settle some bills and brought back a saman with me. Is was clutching the ticket and had this some sort of panic face when I got into the car. Must be from polis anak jagung. Young and na�ve� tsk tsk tsk. Wait till you be Polis Gendut! (Polis Gendut: policemen who have been in the field long enough till they become fat and gendut� *Remember Tok! Gemuk means no naik pangkat!*) Bangsar is undoubtfully a perfect place for Polis Praktikal (if they ever have one). Best location to practice writing saman book.

Back in the car, I told Is to calm down and showed her the other saman I got at BSC a couple of months back. �Big deal! Lets ignore them!�. Oh wait a minute, is the ticket valid when they got the Car Model wrong? So young yet so rabun! It�s Kelisa abang� not KANCIL.

Wednesday� I was thinking of doing some window-shopping at The Mines, checking out shoes and clothes. My wardrobe is already screaming for new stock. Carson will go hysterical when he sees my collection. I still possess a few blouses, which will be celebrating their 4th birthdays soon. Melaram is no longer practiced. Simplicity rules.

As me and dad walked, we saw this facial treatment promotion for 18 bucks. Have you guys heard of Dr. Howard Murad before? Being a first timer, I found the whole experience simply shiok. No wonder my aunt doesn�t mind forking out hundreds of ringgit just for facial. Sedap rupanya� I went for the basic dead skin cells and blackheads removal. I had 6 or 7 types of sweet smelling products applied on my face, one after another, and I swear that there�s a cr�me that has this smell of a floor detergent! I can�t see any visible effect but I am definitely going for another session. This time, I�d go for skin peeling for an extra 20 ringgit. ;)

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