mercredi, août 18, 2004

"First Time Pinjam Buku?"

I've almost forgotten the smell of the forest. And this morning, after almost three years, I allowed myself to enjoy the scent of the greenery as I walked beside the 'mini-forest' on my way to the bus stop. Uh-hurm. Today was Public Transportation Day. Took the Putraliner from the library to the University LRT station and boarded the commuter to Serdang but didn't ride the cab. I've had enough of it.

Like I mentioned earlier, I had a plan of hitting the library to search for French Revolution. I remembered the time when Sha told me about her access to the library 'gate', on how she had to go to the counter to reactivate her card. I didn't pay much attention to that but somehow I got the idea on what I should do. So I advanced to the Entrance Counter and let the fella filled in my particulars into the database. My access was supposed to be granted, but then even after the third attempt, the screen kept on displaying the same "Invalid Information". Turned out that the system has decided to take its own sweet time. Off to the manual gate and to the Information Counter...

"Tumpang tanya, tadi masa dekat counter sana, encik tu suruh masuk bilik tu *pointing at the room behind him* untuk activatekan kad saya."

"Herm, sebenarnya, kalau awak masuk bilik tu pun result dia akan sama sebab dia guna sistem yang sama, depan dan belakang."

"Oh... Jadi, next time kalau saya swipe kad, boleh masuk lah."

"Ha, macam tu lah."

"Kiranya saya still boleh pinjam buku even sekarang?"

"Awak dah masukkan data tadi kan? Kalau ya, maknanya dah ada la data awak dalam database."
"Nak pinjam buku ke?"


"Tau cara-cara pinjam kan?"

"Err... bawak buku ke counter and pegi scan kan?"

"Eh kejap, awak final year kan?"


"Tak pernah langsung pinjam buku sebelum ni?"

*sambil tersengih*
"Tak langsung... Saya masuk sini nak buat revision je..."

"Sabar je lah..."

*sengih lagi*

Ye encik... saya memang tak pernah pinjam buku. The only time I use the library is when the exam week arrives. Today was the first time I took a book out of the library. And at the scanning counter, the Entrance Counter guy, who is also the librarian, called me to his empty counter... and he called me by my full name. Bagusnya. Rasa macam dekat library sekolah, where the person on the counter is your classmate.

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