mardi, août 17, 2004

Two Days Without Kelisa and I Seem To Survive...For Now.

Hell I'm feeling like an 80 year old nenek. It's the time of the month again and the pain came without warning. To make things worse, French was cancelled. I could've driven straight home, get into my PJ, swallow 2 Ponstan and sleep my pain away but I then realized that I am sharing the car with mom, which means, it's either I use the commuter to get home or pick her up at 6. I hit Vista instead. Slept for 2 hours with series of dreams... weird dreams that is. One of them was about car... and accident and the other was about someone who used to be in a few of my dreams. Not something that I treat as so-called premonitions (every dream after 4 pm is 'invalid').

I've yet to work out the solution on how to balik on Thursday as there will be a test from 6 to 7.30 pm. Commuter at that hour sounds nice, provided that someone will pick me up at the station. And if I'm not 'partially crippled', I might have dinner right after. Unfortunately, I am 'disabled' (This girl is a bit spoilt when it comes to transportation...). Sudah dapat gading bertuah, tanduk tidak berguna lagi... or maybe I should change to sudah dapat kelisa bertuah, public transport tak berguna lagi. wah! wah! wah!

The menstrual pain has receded. The black ink of the printer has gone kaput in the sense of jadi keras (must be la since it still refuses to come out even after having nozzle check for more than 5 times.)... bodo betul.

French Revolution is A LOT! I wonder if my particulars are still in the library's database. I'll give it a check tomorrow. My hands are on the 'You Are Soo Going To Panic' button. Let us all pray that I won't have to push it...

p/s: To Rick, thanks sebab teman aku makan. Jangan risau, aku akan belanja ko satu hari nanti and to those who wished me (belated or non-belated), thanks a lot... especially to Waie n Shah (believe it or not Waie, Shah tak pernah miss every year!)

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