jeudi, août 19, 2004

Ginko Biloba Can Improve Your Memory Riiiiite....???

NO! In my case, miracle is the only answer. How could I forget about the 8 am class when it was clearly announced on Tuesday? I arrived at the empty car park and then everything started to come back to me... but even that took me almost a minute just to figure out! Later, I was reminded of the 'Yay' that came out of my mouth upon the announcement! Luckily I had something to settle at the same time. So, the plan to ponteng was merely history. A very stupid history... Was I having some kinda placebo all this while...? Herm...

The day was still early and chilly and the only available places to hit were none other than the cafes around the uni compound. Don't ask me about my fac's cafe. It's a blacklisted zone till viva ends. Really is a spooky place, tak tipu! Rosli can be there anytime he wants and for that, I can simply be dead meat anytime too. So, KPS was my only target. At this time around, the food would be at their freshest condition (even the yesterday's teatime leftovers. Fresh from the fridge whaaaat???).

I guess the toxin remover pads really do what they are supposed to do. I was on my second patch last night and like the previous one, I already started to see the job done in less than 2 hours with unidentified fluid (UF) started to appear and later being absorbed by the so-called herbs mixture. The pads removal session (this morning) made me go 'Whoa...' and my 3/4 closed eyes were all terbuntang. Geli siak! The pads were totally drenched and the on-the-way-nak-kene-serap UF was yuckily sticky. Kaler hitam pulak tu! Gross! I wonder how much is left before the detox can be considered as successful. Ada rasa apa-apa perubahan? I think so. Really wish it could do wonders for my Kaki-Tido Syndrome�

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