vendredi, août 13, 2004

I See Orange!

Just now over dinner...


"Want to know why I don't blog?"

"Aaah, let me answer that."
"You are afraid that you might end up writing and telling EVERY SINGLE BIT about your life to the people out there..."


Conversation #2:

"I have a question for you."


"What's your take on metrosexual guys?"


A very interesting question from a guy himself. An article regarding metrosexual guys made me have my own points but they were merely points that only touched the surface. Never were elaborated; not until today.

"Somehow I doubt that they are all straight. The splash of gay-ness will always exist no matter how straight they claim they are."

Truth is, I like metrosexuals. They are hygienic, know how to dress appropriately according to events and a few other reasons which I can't think of at the moment. Like him, I also have the notion about their sexuality but I prefer to KIV. I'll wait for the official results from the survey.

And sometimes I feel under-dressed...

...PURE, straight guys won't ever think of forking out their cash for lip balms (it's not a sin to use one!!!), spa treatments, facials or whether their shoes match the shirts. To them, 'Sneakers can go with all type of clothes'. God forbid!

"There was once in the LRT, I saw this guy, metrosexual that is. with an LV on his other arm, took out a lip balm and applied it macam perempuan pakai lipstick."

I was laughing my heart out as he demonstrated the way the LRT guy put on his lip balm. Adoih! And err... did I hear Louis Vuitton just now?

I have an MG friend and at the moment, he's in a search for a boyfriend. Herm...

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