vendredi, juillet 02, 2004

Yay To Jaclynn Victor!!! (is it a double N?)

Woke up with a blunt pain under both of my armpits, to alarm me that some virus(es) is(are) invading my body. Normally the pain will be on my right armpit but today, the scenario was a bit different. Both sides? Geez, my lymph glands must be working overtime then. Totally an uncomfortable sensation, not to mention the ache all over my body-- ANOTHER indication that I'm not well. The weird thing is, I didn't feel sick (that's what my brain told me) but my body acted the other way round... And I thought my overslept mind was making up this 'you-are-sick-lah!' story. The swelling nodes are subsiding... I can feel and same goes to the bodyache. The combination of the Panadol and the leftover antibiotic I had a few months back, with the kickass Kopi O made me feel better. Lets just hope I won't end up blinking my eyes and staring at the ceiling for the rest of the night. If that happens, I should start applying for the 'jaga' post at Securicor.

Damn! Jaclynn Victor went for the Malaysian Idol audition! I would curse at Paul Moss if he rejected her but thank God he's not that dumb!. Her voice is just mesmerizing and it's one of a kind! I first heard her voice during an on-air interview (Red104.9 I think), where she had to sing at the end of it. I even thought of getting her album after that (that I've yet to buy). I saw her again at the rerun of Latte @ 8. She can simply deliver the high notes excellently. Even you guys will say that she's good. I saw an ad in one of the newspapers (a club promotion), and the ad actually labeled her as The Motown Diva. Herm.....Motown DIVA? Are you sure......? But whatever it is, I really like her. You have all my support, girl!

I'm starting to sweat and it's raining outside. I won't change from the PJ to something else (gosh, the material is thick!). Sweating is good... at this point lah. Going to make dad's coffee before hitting the bed. No blogsurfing today.

Hey! What's with the non-stop farting?

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