dimanche, juillet 04, 2004

Malaysian Idol: Words From The Unauthorized Judge (Yeah! ME!)

My early intention was only to touch a bit on the MI (which I did in my previous entry) and to skip the whole 'My Humble Point of View' (yeah, I DO have a lot to talk about). But when G and Waie mentioned about the incident during the KL audition, I've decided to go for it and allow the readers to give and share their evaluations regarding the judges and the contestants.

On the Judges


Randy of Malaysia? (I guess he was picked because he DOES have the resemblance of Randy.) First question of the day: Does the requirement 'Must be a total jackass' is part of the list of becoming an Idol's judge? If yes, he's doing good on that. I don't want to touch on his credibility (being a non-music people myself, I feel that I don't have the rights to raise any question regarding the matter.) All I am eager to know about is his attitude. Was he given the rights to simply call people with nasty names? ('Bongok' if you still remember?). Where have all the manners gone, my dear Roslan? Even if they sounded like singing mules, at least make them leave the room with respect. There's never a damage to spit your comments in a good way. And if you think stuffing your bloody nose with pencils is cute, I would say 'Grow up!'. Seeing the pencils IN your ass hole looks cuter! Personally, I think he got a bit carried away with the American Idol board of judges plague. Or perhaps he wants to beat them and walk away with the Idol's Jerk Judge of The Century award? And if everything we saw on TV is his true colors, I wasn't surprized the time Sheila Majid decided to cabut...

Fauziah Latiff:

Powerful voice during her anak dara time? Undeniable. Even I myself find it hard to reach the ending part of Teratai Layu Di Tasik Madu. But now? It's a shame! Never want to touch the part when she was performing in HMI. Tsk tsk tsk! So, she's supposed to be the Paula of Malaysia. I can't argue more. Mom even said she plays no significant role at all. Hardly any comment and a splash of 'pak turut'. My choice would be Syafinaz (as she's a vocal teacher in UiTM), but she has WWW. Or maybe Sheila Majid but it would be a tragedy. Imagine having her side by side with her former abusive husband...

Paul Moss:

A man with less words. He only gives what's necessary. I hold nothing against him. I find him acceptable.

On The Contestants

Muahahahahaha!!! Don't get too emotional people!!! You should know your own singing capability. Can't you hear your diction and pitching (yeap! that word again! I learnt them from Syafinaz, thank you!) when you sing in the shower? (Okay, maybe the shower is not a suitable place. Lets change it to 'bedroom' then.) Do you even try to compare your singing with say....Britney? (She doesn't have the voice but at least her melody isn't tunggang langgang like a barn after Hurricane Andrew!) Most of them were too overconfident, to have such thoughts that their TYPE OF VOICE can make it to the next round, when the fact that even the karaoke company will have to crack-open their brain to come up with a nice, rejection sentence upon hearing the tunes. Maybe you have the style but that style can't guarantee you a place as an Idol, geddit?

I respect those who walked away from the room with dignity, despite the rejection (and The Ill-Mannered Roslan.). Lets talk about that Kelantanese guy. Jeng jeng jeng... His performance sucked big time (and still tak sedar diri!) and it was a stupid, shallow-minded act when he stormed into the room, hunting for explanation on his dismissal. Can you believe it when he giggled in the middle of the so-called confrontation? I mean, what the fuck was he trying to do actually?

"Dio nok muko mix. Dio taknok muko Melayu.. Dah tak abeh2 ngan musim muko hensem dah GAPO DIO ngan muke hensem.. Sayo tok hensem, tapi sayo tau sayo buleh nyanyi!" (Courtesy of Waie)

Hell lah wei! If you put Ikan Kekek Mak Iloi Iloi or Air Pasang Malam as your default judgment of your bloody voice, boleh blah la awe oiii!!! Just shoo away and go pancing chicks la. I'm sure they will look twice on you and your riding gear. Sure moto power tuh! Muarhahahahahahaha!!! *senak*

No further comment on MI. I'm pretty sure that I've delivered all (or at least most) of my humble opinions in this entry regarding the two subjects.

I've cut my hair short and mom says I can pass for a Form 5 student. Less stuffy. And I think of hitting the clinic tomorrow, right after class. It's been two days and I still suffer from bodyache. Please let it not be Dengue...erk! *check for red spots on body*

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