mercredi, juillet 07, 2004


1. that Chinaman is a perv ass and I take back the so-called excitement of getting to know him. Tua kutuk tak sedar diri. Pity Un. Yuck!

2. shifting to the new method is like learning French without the teacher... grammaire ntah kemana, sebutan ntah kemana, meaning ntah hapa hapa.

3. I need help on the RH 6.2...PC version. Could anyone tell me the machine specs in order to run it? Btw, my machine is Dell Dimention Optiplex (or something like that). Bengap! Dah dl and burn it using DeepBurner but masih tak berhasil. The only problem that restricts me from executing the next step. Tunjukkan bahawa ~kAy~ buleh! Yah! Yeah riiite...

oh yeah, I've graduated. :) and this is my cert.

The University of Blogging

Presents to


An Honorary
Bachelor of


Majoring in

Psychotic Ranting



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