vendredi, juillet 09, 2004

A Step Away From The Fameville....

Last few days, I got an sms from a friend of mine. The content delivered me a dose of shock, pleasant shock that is. He offered me something I was longing for, something me and Ida talked about (unfailingly!) each time The Fever arrives. It's the Festival Seni.

So what does it has to do with the sms? He actually wanted to offer me a place for Acoustic Guitar, the vocalist to be exact. My prayer has been answered! I would have the chance to be part of it! So, I replied him with a short but positive answer. I was a bit excited but at the same time, having doubts about the 'reliability' of my fickle mind, which can get nasty and notorious at times. And last two nights, he called me up for confirmation. When your heart is not 100% sure about a draft decision you about to conclude, better delay and rethink about it. I decided to give him the answer the next morning.

...I'm afraid I have to turn down the offer lah Mata, sorry.

There goes my so-called plan of leaving a print at the Hall of Fame before 'Au Revoir UM'... takpelah, melalak dalam bilik pon dah kira puas. Ah Soh2 and makcik2 blakang rumah dapat dengar what?

p/s: they said it's going to be at the end of this month! Awesome!

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