mardi, juillet 06, 2004

Am I Pregnant 'Coz I'm Feeling Like One!

And no guys, I am not pregnant. I'm sweating like a pig, which is a good thing but the fact that I still feel nauseous, bothers me big time. I can't shut my eyes for a few seconds without the woozyness (miraculously it doesn't happen when I decide to sleep...;)). I have no Vicks to inhale or any cool stuff that will at least relieve me from the discomfort. Last resort? Tea-- the only thing I can rely on. At this moment, any coffee, cocoa or milk based drinks will cause more harm than good. So, tea was ready but I need something else for the sidekick. Then I remembered the lemon. Nope, I am not going to make any lemon tea. I am going to eat it raw! The first suck (okay, now I'm sounding like a pervert) sent a jolt through my nearves and suddenly, everything started to get back to normal... or at least 78% of it. I'm on my second slice while waiting for the download to finish. Maybe I will just lie down, finish up with the lemon and pray that my stomach will survive the night. This is going to be a helluva week fellas!

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