mercredi, juillet 14, 2004

That Damn Chinaman DOES Have Some Serious Issues Here!

Today was supposed to be my lab session as I only had to attend a class from 9 to 11 am. The door was unlocked. Un and Ehsan had already arrived. Oh, and Rosli too. With an hour to spare, I quickly shoved the cd and pray that this time, I wouldn't have to see the frustrating line again. My 'sleepless' night of downloading has finally paid off. The cds work. And Un just couldn't wait to feed me the latest story about that Tua Kutuk Tak Sedar Diri. And I was absolutely eager to hear about his latest tango.

..."Dia took my hand and almost kissed it but I managed to tarik! His lips were THIS close!" *while demonstrating with her hand*

"What thaaa...."

My expression? In a total disbelief. Not sure if I left my mouth open while in shock.

"Then dia panggil 'Friend, Friend' and buat kissing action to me. And dengan nasty eyes dia sekali... ya Allah...!"

If I didn't control my astonishment, the whole building would hear my scream.

"What the hell is going on? And why didn't you say ANYTHING? GIVE ANY WARNING???"

And being a gentle, soft spoken girl... "I tak tau nak buat apa Kay... I was stunned."

"Hell I would give him a piece of my mind if I were there! Apesal dengan dia? What has gotten into him for goodness sake?!! Siapa ada masa tu?"

"No one! I was really praying that you would show up as I was all alone!"

"Shah tak datang?"


This is a sexual harassment. He'll be sorry if he has the guts to do the same to me...VERY... Another complaint from Un and I'll make sure that he'll be so sorry that he was born! Too much of tiger testicle soup I bet!

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