mardi, juillet 13, 2004


...and I never thought that people are THIS eager to learn about my secrets. Thanks to that, some of my well hidden secrets are no longer... hidden (Shh shhh As3!) Apparently guys, there are nothing saucy to share, 'cept for the crush I have on Jehan Miskin and my very first crush during my primary 4-- the head of prefect. Cute, but taken. Again, are they considered juicy to you??? Not that you know MY Norman anyways. *sticks her tongue out*

Nothing much happened for the past few days apart from going for a jog at the Botanical Garden in Putrajaya with G (one word to describe: PANCIT!) and some bitch who was trying to ruin everything (and succeeded) and screwed everything up... which I don't wish to recall and elaborate. Regretted so much for skipping the morning class only because I reduced my sleeping hour by an hour and the fact that I have a 6-hour gap before my next class, made me carry out the evil plan. Bad girl...

There's nothing more exciting and exhilarating than having the "Page Cannot Be Displayed" window when you are trying to download the subsequent part of the file. Am on my third attempt of downloading Enigma. Started from 5 pm and up till now, I still have three hours to go. Can't neglect another lab session... Rosli will go crazy. And I will kill myself if I fail my thesis. Another "See, I told you." and I'll drag him along with me.

Can't wait for Friday to come, the time when I can wake up at any time I want. The car is due for her check-up. I'll let myself decide... later.

I'm yawning non stop now and not sure if I can sleep with the whirring CPU fan near me. It's annoying! (None will happen if I have Pentium inside. Hey! AMD rocks!)

Lieutenant ~kAy~ signing off for now.... *swoosh!*

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