vendredi, juillet 16, 2004

Friday... Mundane Friday...

Oh, a new look. Must be only recently. The phone is ringing downstairs. I'll let it rings... If it's an urgent one, they know mom's number. I'm pretty bored. Have no latest vcd to watch (Not that want to anyways). Missed calls from some unknown numbers since last night. Not the main-main type but the REAL missed calls.
  1. Polyphonic is a bit useless. Monotones are better. Louder. Can be heard even when I was in the kitchen.
  2. I don't carry my phone with me wherever I go. Hardly receive calls.
  3. Sleeping is sleeping. I don't want to be interrupted while in the Z zone. -Silent Mode-
It's about to rain. There are only the 3 of us in the house. No point to cook. Paying people to do it for you is far better. Feeling a bit guilty for no apparent reason. Maybe I should start to get serious.
I'm testing the new features now. More fonts in store.

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