vendredi, juillet 23, 2004

From The Bottom Of My Shattered... Emotion

It's 2.15 pm and the atmosphere is refreshing. The morning rain has washed away the impurities, thus contributing to the reason of my getting up late. I love the rain and will always do... But that's not the main point. Right now, at this very moment, with unwashed face and unbrushed teeth, I write things that come across my mind that bothers me since the last few days. Only the frustration upon being told that freaking morning class has been canceled after putting a great effort not to lose temper and a struggle to beat the traffic; the tongue-twisting, mind-challenging French classes AND the disturbing images of Rosli and his bonus question, were the only things that keep me insanely sane.

I wished I don't have to deal with such pain, the pain that will make me go teary. I don't want to cry nor having the What If's. Something that mom told me last night made my thinking mind go a level up. It just gets tougher. And previously, in my sleep, I dreamt something beautiful, something that I hope will occur again.

...Dreams deal with immediate concerns in our lives and teach us things about ourselves that we are unaware of... and the representation of our present emotion-- the things that we hate, look forward to, or something that keeps playing inside/bugging our mind....
It's a beautiful Friday and will always be,
I'll leave everything to God for He knows the whole me...

Wish me all the best people.

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