samedi, juillet 24, 2004

Hi! I'm One of Your Students!

I was having this conversation with a friend of mine about his lecturer who shares the same name as I do when he told me how much he likes her (a mutual feeling of a student towards his lecturer) and some sort of excitement he feels when attending her class. My very first assumption was none other than 'Easy! Because she is pretty'. I lost points on that one I must say. So, the actual reason? "She remembers names." Herm, okay... pardon me for that.

Do you think it's the end of the world when your lecturer notices you? Yes and no. It'll be a Yes when he/she is your fave lecturer but it's a big NO NO if he's a next-of-kin of the witch (erase the images of The Charmed Ones or Broom Hilda, will you!). I must admit that I always fall into the I-Notice-You list, even up till today. Neither to do with my trouble with punctuality nor any act that awards me with an infamous reputation. Must be my "Excuse me sir. Why...?". (That is considered as marks in my French Civilization class under 'Participation'.). But in French? I usually wrap my hype and prefer to listen. Yet, I am the big time target. Expliquer s'il vous pla�t???

I like when my teachers remember my name (hell if they don't! Seeing me 5 times a week for one year and still wondering about my name IS unexcusable!) but things got different when I attend classes wearing whatever I want instead of the white and light blue baju kurung and the white school shoes. Don't ask me why but the uncomfortable ness is there. The feeling is just weird... And now I'm starting to miss my Bio and Chemistry classes.... :(

The pros:

  • Gives you a motivation to avoid mistakes during your turn.
  • If you're good, that indicates that he wants the others to be as good as you. ;) Boleh bangga sikit!
  • The gap between you and the lecturer is reduced by a meter.
  • ... which will make it easier for you to seek guidance in stuff you don't understand.
The cons:

  • "Oh fuck! I haven't come up with the answer yet!"
  • Under pressure.
  • Others will get jealous...... Wait a minute! Won't they be cheering when you come up with the answers instead of them?
  • I can't think of this last point.
Final word for today: I hate my thesis supervisor!

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