mardi, juillet 20, 2004

Can I Just Have The Ordinary Rims???
"Where are you?"
And it was around 11.30 am. With groggy mind, trying to focus, I struggled to answer the phone without being rude (cursed myself for not switching to Silent Mode). Okay, I've made up my mind and decide to go and meet those fellas. Knowing their punctuality, I left the house somewhere around 1 pm. That was when something happened that made dad 800 bucks poorer. Talking about the power of a knuckle-size rock!
That road is cursed! This is my second incident involving the same route and the same object-- rocks in the middle of the road. There was no cover to replace like the one that used to happen last time with my red Kancil ('flying saucer' spinning across the road! Hilarious!). This time, it involved the ENTIRE sports rim. Fortunate me as the rock 'hit' my tire (or was it ME who hit the rock?) right before the petrol station. The scale of the impact was quite immense till it successfully tore a hole on my tyre. No kidding! And the rim was slightly chipped. And I continued my journey with an odd sized tyre on my front wheel. This time, I kept my speed no mo than 85.
Despite the 'inconvenience', I managed to arrive at MV in one piece and had a helluva great time. Pictures 
Back home, with a serious expression, I told dad a white lie, telling him that I was doing 80, there were cars at both sides and I was left with no option but to hit it; when the truth was the other way round (lets just say that I went a bit fast...). Yeah, I felt guilty but I had to to what I had to do-- to save my ass from having to listen to the never-ending nagging from dad. 
And this morning, I had to skip my 8 am class due to the weird sound generated by the tyre (yay!). Safety first, class second! *wink*. Since The Rim was unrecoverable, the old set had to go away. And now, after some adjustment on the balancing and alignment (obviously!), the car is back to serve. Not to forget the new rim... WITH a warning. It's a bit odd of the sensation I'm experiencing, riding with this new set. Getting used to this will take a few days. Remind me not to get a fancy sports rim set next time. Or even if I do, I�ll make sure that the new ones will be of the same size as the spare one.  

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