dimanche, juillet 18, 2004

Points Taken, Thank You!

  • Have you ever had the feeling of wanting to eat but there's nothing right for your mood? It's like I can get Mc Chicken or tuna sandwich to fill my gut but those food just don't feel 'right'. I am facing that crisis at the moment and I only eat because of the need to hush the 'keroncong'.  
  • I have occuring images and thoughts of thesis. I'm willing to pay to anyone who is willing to help me out.
  • It's 3.30 am and the house phone is ringing. What tha...? And I just realized that my younger sister is in Arau. So the call wasn't from any of her scandal. Then who?
  • Britney's VC is getting more and more ridiculous and daring each time. Why don't they just un-blurred the bath tub scene? Such a disgrace to a very nice song.
  • Yay! It's 15 to 4 and I'm still awake!
  • Gath: go...don't go...go...don't go... damn I'm cursed!
  • experimenting with the fonts...
  • *ZZzzz*

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