mardi, juin 08, 2004

Padang Besar oh Padang Besar

I can't help myself from mentioning about how marvelous the weather was today. I just have to as there was no trace of heat and no bright sunny day! A perfect weather to have walk around the city. Pity as I only realized about it at 3 pm. ;)

Basically, there is nothing to shout about my life today, except the fact that I just love the weather. I wish to have it again tomorrow...(so that I can have another oops-terlajak sleeping hour). Truth is, I only hit the bed after Subuh. Bejeweled + chatting with hot topics, were the things that caused me to retire from the chair at 6.45 am. And now, I'm left with Bookworm and Atomica to accompany me. Apparently, my trial version for Bejeweled has expired. And nope, I can't remove and have a fresh download as somehow, the server can detect my machine address from my previous installation. Tried it before and failed. And I guess that is the best explanation I could come up with.

And I think I'm having carpal tunnel syndrome...

Dad had 3 police friends to join our table. They were patrolling the area and still on their shift. Curi tulang. But nevermind, they were a bunch of cool people. No bragging attitude ("saya bukan nak cakap ape la..tapi..." you just know what to expect when that line appears...) or the politic-speaker type. Pleasant and not stern-looking summore.. :) Being policemen, they gave us tips about Padang Besar and things we're going to expect and the brief description about the structure of the place (ya know, where the immigration booth and the police station are, and stuff.)

Still... I will only look forward to the trip if and only if the weather is like today's. Hahahahha!!!

What does Babylon has to do with reggae? Or what does reggae has to do with Babylon? The Babylonian created reggae? I'll figure that out later.

Babylon Babylon- Ini Kamazoe
War In a Babylon- Max Romeo
Chant Down Babylon, an album dedicated to the late Bob Marley

Get what I mean?

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