mercredi, juin 09, 2004

*Blink Blink...Yawn...*

It's 2.50 pm and I was only up (yeah, as in bangun tido) for 20 minutes. Again, I slept after 6 am. It's raining and the weather is chilly. Another factor that contributes to my bangun lambat reason.

Don't you think using your significant other's chat ID is a bit too much and inappropriate? Think about the confusion you'll create when your friend is trying to have a chat with you, just to discover that it's not actually you? Or worse, it's not even The Significant Other! Hermph!

I come to realize that I'm actually being surrounded by The Typicals. The Typicals, based on my dictionary means a guy who acts or have the attitude of the typical Malaysian guy, i.e: overprotective, suffocating, obsessively thinks that he's the superior gender, thus, everything the gf does must be filtered by him and that he is ALWAYS right; inconsiderate, insensitive or should I say mostly OVERLY sensitive, a jerk, an asshole and all other similar words. There is absolutely more but those are all that I could think of presently. I'll add more later.

"Why can't u spend more time with me? I feel that I'm not in your priority list."

Walahwei!!! What's with that la brader? Just because your girlfriend has tonnes of assignments or office work to complete and can't allocate as much time as she used to spend with you, that doesn't mean her feeling for you is deteriorating. C'mon la, if you ask a girl and a guy who's involved in a relationship, the girl will be most likely to feel some insecurity over the relationship. Why? Because guys just can't escape the temptation to flirt upon seeing another pretty girl!

In this case, the girl will be left with a more complicated situation: the work and bf. Geez... hell of a dilemma indeed...*throws a cynical, disgusting look*

Guys, I really hope that you are not this type...

"Who is that guy I saw you with the other day?"

It's my brother you airhead! It's okay to have doubts but it'll be more appropriate if you ask this question in an acceptable intonation and manner, not with 'muka tak puas hati' and 'intonasi membuta tuli'. I totally can't tolerate with this. Really can't. But The Typicals are like this. Suspicion is their damage. And they usually go bananas first before hearing the real explanation. Otak tunggul tol!

This action will lead to another stupid argument and perhaps another breakup. Gado, breakup, sambung balik...gado, breakup, sambung balik... Tak penat ke weh?

"I don't like you to do this. I want you to stop doing this."

This refers to anything the girl loves to do. Working part time or volunteering perhaps. Alo mamat, the parents have nothing against it but why do you want to make a big fuss about what she should and shouldn't do? Please don't take the fun away from her just because your life is miserable. Get a grip!!! Oh yeah, one more thing, are you going to provide her will all the money she needs in order to pay her semester fees? If the answer is NO, shut the fuck up then.

Konklusi: Akuk tanak jenis camni!!!

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