dimanche, juin 06, 2004


I'm not sure whether to be happy or slightly disturbed about the fact that I can be eherm..categorized as the Wife Material. No need for a person to tell me straight to my face as that's what I see in me.

Oh, that's just my 1 minute 'advertisement'.

Have you guys watched the latest Malaysian Idol ad on 8TV that has Sharifah Aleya in it? I kinda detected a grammar mistake in one of her lines, the one when she mentioned about signing up. She actually said this:

"If you haven't signed up already...blablabla."

What's with the 'already'? I mean, why the 'already' when you haven't 'yet'? Certainly a clash of meaning here. It's like "Want to grab a burger?" "Oh God! I haven't eaten a single thing already.". Well, I don't know if that is valid, considering that English itself is complicated, just like Malay...

Hatta terkasima dia beberapa detik, seperti seadanya azali...

(The sentence is mainly about a dumbfounded fella...Don't know if it's actually relevant to what I was trying to convey.)

Correction anyone??

I am soo very not looking forward to this long car journey to Perlis. I will certainly suffer from carsick. Aaaaaaaaaargh! Could somebody PRETTY PLEASE tell me any effective remedy to this because I still can stand a 2-or-3 hours of journey but 6 or 7? With the very-very-wrong car fragrance and the cigarette smoke every 30 minutes? I will turn green!!! *screams* And DON'T provide me with stupid solution such as asking me to get a plane ticket or to stay at home instead coz that ain't gonna happen.

Yay! A ticket to Flies and Foreigners! Still hoping that I'll get the one I wish for OTC. I am going to be a beggar again, yes but call me a jolly beggar as I bought something I've been delaying since early this year. Hope the emotion I'll get is worthy. Better be or I'll chop your head off!

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