lundi, juin 21, 2004

A New Semester With A New Motivation�*hic*

The very first thing I did when the alarm struck: On the PC and went straight online. I suddenly remembered that the UM server is up for Add and Drop. It�s time to cross my fingers and pray that there�s a place for me in Cyber Law. At this time around, giving up was a no-no. The first 10 attempts were a failure- Kursus LXEB1303 telah penuh. *cursing*

It was already 10.10 am when I received a call from my friend, asking about my location. That can wait, but not this subject. It seems that the students still prefer to have this subject despite of the new rule, which allows them to replace it with any Elective subject that possesses the same credit hour. So, instead of clicking the same button and saw the same frustrating popup, I browsed for any available course. Another tedious task! I had to open a new window with the �code decipher� and paste the code in order for me to get the full description of the subject. There was one with 2 credit hour but it clashes with my French. Drat!

At the same time, trying her luck on LXEB1303�

A miracle happened! The sentence I desperately wanted to see appeared in front of me.

Kursus LXEB1303 telah didaftarkan.

This is my luck! It is my luck indeed! Au revoir C++, bonjour Cyber Law! No dreadful codes to deal with and no nightmare to add. Joyful, joyful!

Have a class at 2. Pouvez-vous deviner quelle classe?? (Can you guess what class??). ;)

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