mardi, juin 22, 2004

We Meet Again Mr Know-It-All.

Drove to French class just to waste one hour waiting for the lecturer to show up. He didn't, by the way. Just before that, I had a slight trouble finding the class. Asked around and stupid me for getting mixed up between the word Bidara and Beringin. It should be Bidara but I spat the other B instead. There you go silly girl! Read properly next time! Climbed the stairway with the determination to stop the first person I would bump into. This time, a Chinese girl. I was going halfway with my question when she interject with "Saya pun tatau.". Sheez, how rude! Definitely not the student of the faculty itself. Walked again to try my luck by asking somebody else. Thank goodness! I was finally getting near to it. *surveyed the door for any Bidara*. A gloomy hallway that is. Claustrophobics surely won't want to be here...

Okay, I have to face the fact that I wasn't born with the 'chatable' face. I realized it long ago but when a girl who sat beside me started to involve in a conversation with the other girl behind her, my brain drifted for a couple of seconds, clarifying to my other self that people won't pick me for a chat even if they are stuck with me. Too bad, the thought only lasted for a few seconds. So what? I'm pretty happy with myself now. Too bad they choose to think that way. While playing with my pen, looking at the passersby, somebody I'm familiar with, appeared. It's someone from my faculty! Oh well, I don't have that close of a bond with them so the excitement just ended there. At least I know a few familiar faces... Later, one of the girls approached me, asking about thesis...and... I didn't sit alone in the end! Hehehe...

Talking about thesis, I got my result. It is good, but it isn't what I wanted. Heh! Manusia memang tak pernah puas dengan apa yang ada! I should say Alhamdulillah instead of complaining! How terrible of me! (Okay Rick, your cash is safe...No Chillis! I can see you smiling now.)

Computer Security time. Bad oh Bad, we meet again. So, I was a bit late for your first class! Just cut the stare lah! What? Surprised to see this face in your class? Well, looking forward to learn from you!

I must admit that he's good at what he's doing. And it's good to have a lecturer who can answer your questions straight away and minus the "Erm...", "Errr..." or stuff. Oh yeah, there was a sentence he said that made me silently laughed. "Saya bukan jenis yang monotonous. Saya suka communicate dengan kelas saya, bukan saya saja yang bercakap." Err sir, you actually mean mono-communication right?

I've already made the plan with Is to hit the lab tomorrow (it's past 12, so it should be TODAY.) but my brain is only set for it on Thursday. And besides, I'm not ready with the CD yet. The last one I burnt was useless, with the wei!-I-can't-read-this-format-lah! format. Should've checked!

My ONLY class at 9-10 am. Meaning: 8-am alarm. I am willing to sacrifice 1.60 bucks worth of NPE toll for the 30-minutes (or less) journey rather than making the 45-minutes trip to the same destination, together with a terrible traffic jam as part of the package. Malaysiaku yang tercinta...

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