lundi, juin 21, 2004

School Re-open!!! Yay!!

And I am pretty excited to meet my friends (though 2 or 3 of them are now waiting for the Graduation Day.) after the boring 3-months break. I've had all the 'rest' I so-called need and it's time to get the brain working, though I doubt it will be all set by this week. We've planned to meet at the faculty at 10.30 am but I don't put high hopes that Ida will arrive on time. ;) We missed the place especially the cafe and our 'cuci mata' sessions (I know, I know...that only applies to me!). That made me realize that I am the senior! Super Senior to be exact. Uh-huh, Einstein is no me ancestor, and that's the reason why I'm extending my study year. Okay! I admit that I had to reseat a 'pra-syarat' subject, which resulted to my not being able to take the next paper on time, thus, affecting my entire schedule (Belajar main-main has taken it's toll I must say.). It does have a bright side: a reason for me not to think about job hunting. Not for now at least.

I probably won't have this much of excitement if I'm the only one attending classes for this semester. I must express my gratitude to the National Service. Many students won't graduate on time because of this. Har! Har! Har! I liiiiiiike...............!

Mustn't get too agitated! Mustn't!!! First thing to do: check my Thesis mark. I am slightly nervous now. Am not aiming for an A but let it be no below than B. Erk! *praying* Next up is to add Cyber Law in my subject list. Stupid me to drop it at the first place! Talking about subject, I need to check my timetable now...

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