jeudi, juin 03, 2004

Koh! Koh! Koh!!!

If you have a family member or anyone close to you that suffers from ANY contagious disease, bear in mind to keep your distance. My dad is having his 'coughing period' and it has taken its toll on me. My body started to ache all over, an indication that I'm going to get sick. Worst of all, my chest was starting to hurt, the thing that you'll feel when the cough bugs hit you. My throat? It's a disaster! Talking about big time irritation! Mucus began to develop and I hate it especially when I gain 'consciousness'. The first thing I would do is to hit the bathroom sink. *khaaaaak...ptui!* Excuse me... ;)

The pain is still there and I'm trying my best not to cough (not that I cough anyways. It's only the pain minus the constant cough.) for the fear that my lungs might 'collapse'. Hahahaha! What a thought!!!

...And cough syrup is supposed to make you drowsy right? If that's so, it surely doesn't work on me. Same goes to the flu pills. Guess I'm immuned to them. I am sleep, I am me... which means, I will only feel sleepy whenever I desire. Mind over matter.... heh!

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