mardi, juin 01, 2004

I Have A Kimono Top!!!

And I can't stop myself from trying it on. Yeah, call me over-excited. It really looks nice on me and stylish! Cost my mom 50 bucks. ;)

Well, unfortunately we can't attend the wedding reception in Johore as we have to deport my younger sister to Arau. She's having her diploma there for 3 years. So, there will be only the 2 of us after that. Talking about having to iron her uniform... the long lost and forgotten job since... forever. Hermph! And if my youngest sister is being offered a place in the boarding school after her UPSR, I'll be the ONLY CHILD of the house! Muhahahah!!!! I like!! And I guess by that time, my life will revolve around work and more work. Geez, how time flies and how fast they've grown.

'School' will reopen soon... *sigh* and I'm not looking forward to it, really. I'm thinking of dropping C++ for this semester and replace it with Cyber Law. And as for VHDL, it's not as tough as I thought it is. Playing with strategy...

I've cleaned my room and that is an achievement! One more thing to do: Arrange and hang my clothes. They're piling up in both the basket and my dirty clothes box. More baju to come. Did my laundry last night. The gobok is berselerak. I want to wash my clean clothes. Dust is accumulating. Hermph!

Herm..kenape lagu dalam VCD Momok tuh macam lagu Toots and The Maytals' Monkey Man? Herm..

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