jeudi, juin 03, 2004

Just When I Want To Avoid The Panadol...

Okay, my condition is NOT okay. Was awakened with the sharp pain at my back and not to forget the worsened condition of my throat. The body ache was back again. This time, it almost reached the level of numbness. I was totally broke with 1 buck in the wallet and that's pathetic! I managed to drive to the clinic by the way.

Sitting while waiting for my turn to arrive seemed like taking me forever. At the same time, I was betting with myself that the doctor would ask the same ol' question.

"Good morning doctor."

"Good morning. You're Kamaliah right?"


"So, how may I help you?"

"I positively think that I'm having fever. And there is this bad sore throat."

"I see.. You are studying right?" (glad that there was a change on the structure.)


"What course?" (this question will never escape from the question list.)

"Computer Science."

"I see. You read about the medic students?"

"Yeah, such a waste."

"What to do? There are no places for them. Every place is full. One day, the doctors will be like the others; jobless."

"But I thought the ratio between a doctor and the amount of patients are..."

"Right now every year, around 800 new doctors are being produced and by the next three years, there will be enough doctors for everyone. And after that, doctors will end up jobless, just like what happen in India. They even have to go from house to house, asking for patients."


By this time, he already stuffed the thermometer inside my mouth. So, I was only left with "Urm-hum." as answer. And this is another session which took me forever to end (You see, I hate silence. It makes me uncomfortable in a way...).

Apart from the doctors dilemma, we did talk about my journey to and from UM... about the traffic and all. He got some facts wrong, or perhaps misunderstood my explanation but I let it slide. When you're not at your best condition, arguing is not as 'invigorating' as it used to.

...And my back constantly makes me automatically scream of pain, which is not normal for me to do.

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