mardi, juin 29, 2004

I Thought Everything Is OVER!

Just when I thought my registration misery has ended, I was shot by a news that made me want to burn down the whole faculty. Apparently, the subject I initially planned to register on the next semester won't be offered. So, whether I like it or not, C++ is going to be in my list for this semester. That was terribly depressing and totally exasperating!! Since the 'Sesi Rayuan' for credit extension has already over, I was left with no other choice but to let go a subject (the max hour is 18...). I've made up my mind and ditched the one with the most boring lecturer. The whole fuss about this registration thingy from the very first day up till now, has made me very tired... emotionally. My emotion factory is now temporarily unavailable...just like this stupid doneeh.

I am fed up with this Linux stuff! The whole lab session was a crap! All I did was burning and erasing the damn ISO image for only-God-knows-how-many-times. Everything was fine. The checksum test revealed no error. I followed EVERY bloody step from the manual and the fucking PC couldn't proceed with the installation. "Strike F1 for help and F2 to enter Boot setup." Wait till I give you a nice kick with my kawat BOOT! Any help is highly appreciated... I'll buy you a drink if any of you can put an end to my suffering... Oh wait, lets make it a lunch treat instead!

Tomorrow will be my very first C++ class I attend. At least a Pass is a 'sure thing' (she can do NOTHING about it though flunking us is her most favorite hobby). Lets just hope that my deranged brain is up to it. Must try to like it...must try to like it...must try........ argh!

Note to self:

1) Find a topic about France for the presentation. Due in 2 weeks time.
2) Webpage by Friday? Personal information? What's on the 30th? Check again.
3) Get my life back...

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