lundi, juin 28, 2004

Oi Makcik! If You Don�t Know How To Drive, Take The LRT!

Women drivers. Slow, stupid, emotional, and the list goes on and on and on. Barely a thing good about them. I am a woman, and I am going to tell you everything I hate about this (or I should say...MY) species when they (WE) are behind the wheels. But please... do count me out. I am proud to say that I am NOT one of them. All the things I'm gonna include DO apply on the HE-drivers 'swell. So, don't get too over-excited.

80 kmph on the right lane won't make others happy. So the limit is 80, big deal! But sometimes you just have to obey the situation. Trust me, the traffic officers in KL have other important and crucial jobs to do than hiding in between trees and sweating the hell out, just to catch the speeding devils. 90 and 100 are nothing. If you still think it's a HUGE sin to go beyond that limit, I advice you to just stick to either the middle or the left lane. I must admit that there are some who just REFUSE to get their lily assess from the speeding lane even after they are being flashed or honked. I have encountered with such situation like... SOOOO many times (and still counting...) and at that moment, I only wish that my tiny Kelisa could transform into a monster truck and crush their cars. Funny though as this 'crime' is committed by those of the high performance vehicles. Doesn't really matter if you are parading your Elise or Boxter. The rule is, if there's a faster car approaching, either you increase your speed or have the honor to move your lily ass to the neighboring lanes. This is the fast lane, slowpoke! Use your brain, not your foot!

Okay, this is another type that I hate. The Show Offs! The best thing is, most of them are the Wira and Satria drivers (surprisingly not the GTIs). Mostly the ones with those annoying mufflers and the modified bodies. Gosh... There was this striking-orange Satria (I guess it's the 1.3) I saw while I was on my way home and the car has a VERY IRRITATING noise. If only I can stuff his exhaust with something... Makes me want to puke! be continued. Class tomorrow at 8 lah!

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