vendredi, mai 28, 2004

Somebody Sent Me a Virtual Kiss!!!

The very first response after I submitted my profile a couple of days back. That was fast, considering that the form will take 48 hours to process. Sad to say, I can't reply or have any further communication with 'Crabie' (a Chinese Singaporean with no attached picture) as I have to $ub$cribe to the matchmaking service. That's why they say Nothing Is For Free. Good things always come with a price. Hehehe... Poor Crabbie guy. Sorry hun, there's nothing much I can do when I'm still living within my 'student budget' (psst... truth is I DON'T give a shit about it. Hush hush!). Baru kene sent satu virtual kiss dah kecoh! Ergh! No big deal! I'm not desperate.

Actually, I've been receiving the list of 'my ideal guys' occasionally for quite sometime and I never bother to even look at the list. But at that very moment, something triggered me to surf the 'guys in store' which eventually lead me to creating my own profile and get it published to others. And the lists I've been receiving from the beginning? Rupenye strictly for display...any further action will require you your credit card number. I only became conscious of this profile thingy after my attempt of sending a 'Virtual Kiss' to a guy whom I found quite interesting.

"You have to create a profile before you are able to send a Virtual Kiss"

p/s: not exactly the real sentence but hey, it's something close to that!

Bless the rain!!! Finally, the soil is wet! wet! wet!! after a few dreadful dry weeks. I want my flowers to bloom again and silly me of feeding them the wrong type of fertilizer. Note to self: Baja daun untuk gemukkan daun! Baja BUNGA untuk KELUARKAN BUNGA! Ada pahaaam??? (I've been 'note to self'ing a lot lately, haven't I?). Was in Mid Valley when it started to pour like hell. And I thought I've 'overstayed my welcome'. It's only 5 something and the sky looked like as if it's past 7. I still love the rain no matter what! ;)

Oh yeah, my mission is unaccomplished. Didn't find any nice design at all, even at Vincci. And suddenly I don't have the itch to get myself a new pair of heels. Maybe it's the satisfaction of trying all the shoes that made the 'itch' lessened. I ended up paying for cat litter and crackers for Sam instead. Nothing much you can get with 50 bucks nowadays...hish... Treated myself with ice blended while waiting for the rain to cool down. Yum! Since my shoe hunt was fruitless, the lunch date with mom tomorrow is canceled. After a backbreaking walking session today, I don't wish to go anywhere for the rest of the week. I've had all the workout I need for this week.

Call me the Reggae Sistah now. One more thing, I hate being in the car for 5 hours! Ergh!

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