jeudi, juin 10, 2004

Chocolate IS Supposed To Make Me Happy, Isn't it?

Consider this. You are talking to this stranger you just knew. You very much enjoy the conversation you engaged in. Both of you exchange giggles and everything seems just fine when he suddenly reveals you his past life, which automatically made you speechless. You just found out that the person in front of you used to have 'chemical imbalance' in his brain (read: ex-mental patient).

Let me guess your reaction upon discovering this. I'm starting to get excited now!!! Let me guess! Let me guess lah!! Okay, firstly, the conversation will turn into an abrupt silence. Then, there will be a slow (or rapid...depends on your level of acceptance.) transformation of your facial expression, followed by an "Oh..." or an "Erm...". Your eyes are now roaming around the room, instead of making contacts like you used to. Suddenly there will be nothing to talk about. Your brain is super busy thinking of excuses to leave and you are terribly itching to get away from him as fast as you possibly can. He has mental illness! He is a psycho!

I don't blame people for acting this way (Think about Lecter and his infamous, "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti." quote. Oh yeah, don't forget about the slurps!). Just ask anyone anything concerning this minority group and you will positively get negative answers from them. To the society, they are like a very contagious disease. It's like, "Get your torch and pitchfork!!!" (Shrek 1). Certainly something to steer clear of.

A mental patient is always regarded as someone who is dangerous, not only to himself, but to the people around him. Less they comprehend that there are other branches of mental illnesses other than psychopathy. Here is something for you to digest: there were only a dozen recognized mental illnesses at the start of the 20th century, 192 by 1952 and today, the number increased to 374.

Ever heard of schizophrenia (Take note! Split personality is NOT equal to schizophrenia though "schizo" means split and "phrene" means mind), clinical depression (or unipolar depression) and bipolar disorder? These are some of the major mental illnesses we have in store today. What do all of them have in common? Those who suffer from any of these are more likely to take their own life instead of others� (Read: suicide). But does the society become conscious about real facts? No. Do they even make any attempt to help these people? No. Do they at least try to understand this minority group? No.

They don't need any donation or financial aid. All they need is for us to give them a place in the community, to accept and treat them normally, providing them with moral support and make them feel appreciated. So, I think by now you can guess the causes if a former mental patient eventually decides to become 'EX-former'. ;)

"They are just jealous because we are special."- Emily Spikerman.

Heh! I just love that show...

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