mardi, mai 11, 2004


Hell is my favorite word and I just want to tell you guys that MY FRIENDS ARE THE FUCKING COOLEST PEOPLE EVER ALIVE!HELL YEAH!(Baca dengan penuh bersemangat jitu!) please leave out the hugs.

Can't believe that I'm now stalking at peoples' friendsters. And thanks to my curious nature, all the answers to my questions I have found. They are pretty disturbing...very disturbing but at least I come to realize about one thing: I am way cool. My friends are cool and sad to know that YOU and YOUR FRIENDS are not! Am I gonna call her a Biatch? Naw...naw...naaaawwww...(Geez..kenape akuk sounded macam another 'typical girl' yang suka tarik tarik rambut bila gado??*ptui*)

I've finally found out about my moderator-to-be. Kill me please... heard stories about him and they simply say he's good. Good at what he's doing. Security is his thing and hacking is nothing. God I am starting to get these horrible thoughts and images around my head. Must prepare, must prepare like hell! Otherwise I can just say goodbye to getting an A. *checking viva's overall mark* Aaah....only 20%. :D But then, I DON'T want to be seen as someone who is INCAPABLE. Hell no! HELL NO! I'm nervous...

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