jeudi, mai 13, 2004

Push The Panic Button Please, Thank You!

I wish everything will end as quickly as possible. Getting to Friday seems like a century to go. I want to get it done and over with. I want to feel the pure definition of LEISURE. (Err... isn't that what I've been having all this while?). And yet, this is what I'm doing instead of 'Google'ing for TSF...simulators...READMEs: posting an entry. Another irresistible distraction apart from reading peoples' recent entries, which is what I did just a few minutes before. And when I eventually returned to "Chapter 2[new].doc" I became lost, not being able to automatically recall what I should do previously, which was pasting an additional info from a page.

My room is a total mess. Research papers are all over the table and my laci becomes the unofficial extended 'table' where all sort of papers and the keyboard will take turn occupying the space. Reorganizing the table can wait while the report CAN'T. I have trouble typing as I have to stretch out my arms in order to reach for the keys. Sam is sleeping on the 'extended table'. My arms are starting to sore...

Not having to attend classes SHOULD make me 'wealthy' but pathetically, I am facing a financial drought at this very moment. Desperately in need of some cash. 20 will be just fine... Now where is ayah?

caffeine should make the brain active but why mine isn't? And this morning, despite the 7 hours of sleep I had last night, I found it hard to focus, even after the shower. And like usual, lack of sleep = unpredictable mood swing. Glad that sometimes they don't last all day... One thing I find difficult to change, very difficult...Sorry to those who became or will become the 'victim'. Maap dipinta, ku tak sengaja... ;)

Peace to ya'll and wish me luck...To G, slamat mengerjakan umrah. Semoga selamat pergi dan selamat pulang...*muacks*

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