lundi, mai 10, 2004

The End is Nigh....

Woo hooo!! a facelift for Blogger! Very nice!! when did they change it? last night? last 2 days?

my weekend was like usual with nothing much around. this week is the final week of viva and mine is going to be somewhere on Wednesday or Thursday or Friday. Friday hopefully. So right now I'm pretty busy with the report and burning the midnight oil is what i'm doing now and for the past 4 days. My sleeping hour is interrupted (macam takde beza jek?) as I will only sleep after dawn. Mom is worried. Err mama, this is my routine all this while...only that I turn off the light and use my table lamp. She's a bit concern during our conversation just now.

"Tak tido lagi smalam?"


"Jangan stress sangat, take care of your health"

"Don't worry ma..."

I received a picture (an obscene one) from a friend of mine. Somehow I feel that the girl looks a bit familiar. Can't recall where but it's either a girl from my faculty or from the other faculty or from another university or a fellow ex-kmmian.

The position: Standing
The method: From the back. It's not clear whether it's anal. (anyone with kamasutra, please tell me the exact name of it.)

Hell that was pathetic! Don't think the girl even enjoy it. Her expression is the one of "Rela Terpaksa". Sangat clear! But the guy's face is 'concealed'. He turned his head enough to get him unidentified. Such an asshole.

Can't think now. Mengantuk.

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