lundi, mai 24, 2004

Suma Mati???

I've seen many P. Ramlee movies and this one probably is the most tragic film ever. Sad and tragic. To those who are the regular followers of Teater P. Ramlee on TV2, you guys will know what film I was talking about. It's Ibu, with Neng Yatimah as the blind mother, P. Ramlee as the son and Mariani as the broken-hearted woman who died on the railway track.

This film is about a blind mother and his son who were very very poor. One day, he was given a ringgit by a man, a well known trumpeter who later trained him to becoming a ermm...of course a good trumpet player, what else? This boy, Remy later went to Singapore to join a band in a club. At the same time, this lass Hamidah fell in love with him on the first... trumpet sound. (yeah, it's all about the bloody trumpet, fellas...). Along the way, Remy got to know these 2 con men who later introduced their other partner in crime, Ratna, with the plan of using and taking all of his cash (with 3k per month in the 50's? hell that was one HUGE amount!). To cut the story short, he was blinded by the love for this slut and even planned to send the mother back to KL. This is the part where THINGS started to happen.

1- the mother ran away and was hit by a car, driven by one of the con men. Seriously injured, in the hospital and was about to die...Tragic #1

2- his trumpet teacher tricked the slut into following him to so-called escape when he actually wanted to kill her for causing everything. He then drove straight to the cliff. Both were dead. Tragic #2.

3- Remy attempted suicide by trying to jump into the deep blue sea but was held back by the advice from his late mother...

"Mak rela mati asalkan kau hidup, mak rela mati asalkan kau hidup... jangan kau buat perbuatan terkutuk ini nak...."

So, he didn't jump... Bagus...

4- while chasing Remy on the railway track, the track patroller switched the track and unfortunately this poor lass got her foot stuck in between it. She was then being run over by the train... tsk tsk tsk... Tragic #3.

As for Remy, he was the sole survivor with only a hand to accompany him for the rest of his life. Was badly crushed during the fight with Export and Import (yep, those were their names!).

He continued playing with the band... at least a happy ending he has there. What a heart-rending story!

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